Robot for Oil-Water Separation

[INQ. NO. 2304E02] The huge amount of oil-contaminated water generated during crude oil extraction is the biggest headache for oil-producing countries and oil companies. In the meantime, there was no sharp purification method other than removing the contaminated water in small amounts with an absorbent cloth. As a result, there are dozens of huge polluted water storage ponds in the Middle East that are left unattended with a mixture of water and oil.
As such, domestic venture companies that have dramatically solved the neglected oil pollution problem are attracting attention in the global market. It is eco-friendly technology that separates and recovers water and oil. It can so dramatically purify oil contaminated water discharged during crude oil or shale gas mining that keen attention from oil producing countries in the Middle East and North America are continuing. Oh Gye-dong, CEO of OZ Sepa, a start-up that manufactures oil-water separation nano filters, explained, “When black oil is
floating in rivers or seas, technology and equipment that magically separates and recovers only oil are available in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. We are receiving great interest and are discussing product supply.”

OZ Sepa is a startup established in 2017 based on patents acquired through technology development with KAIST for about 12 years from 2006. It developed a filter material that directly separates oil and water and succeeded in mass-producing it in 2021.

Expectations are high for full-fledged exports in the future. OZ Sepa was invited by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) state-run oil company ADNOC and introduced its company and demonstrated its products at the Adnoc headquarters in Abu Dhabi in February. At the demonstration, OZ Sepa introduced the world’s first nano-oil separator, a membrane, and a fully automatic large-capacity oil recovery robot ‘Oil Skimmer’ using it.

At ADIPEC held in Abu Dhabi in October last year, the robot monopolized the attention of Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s state-run oil company. Recently, inquiries are continuing to come in from the North American market that produces shale gas. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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