Surgical Medical Robots


[INQ. NO. 2304E05] CUREXO, Inc., the No. 1 surgical medical robot
company in Korea, is currently developing and selling three types of surgical medical robots. Korea’s first spinal surgery robot ‘CUVIS-spine,’ artificial joint surgery robot ‘CUVIS-joint,’ and gait rehabilitation robot ‘Morning Walk.’
Among them, CUVIS-joint was used for 4,000 surgeries at home and
abroad last year, and Morning Walk proved its clinical value by its use in performing 40,000 treatments.
CUVIS-joint, which has already been launched in the Indian market, is also progressing well with plans to enter the U.S. market. This product is a system combined with ‘T-Plan,’ which is artificial joint surgery planning software of Think Surgical (TSI), a U.S. affiliate. It is scheduled to be sold in the U.S. market from 2024 under the product name ‘TMAX.’ The goal is to apply for approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the first half of this year and receive approval at the end of this year. CUREXO will be in charge of system development and production, and TSI will be in charge of marketing and sales, including the FDA approval process.

According to industry estimates, the size of the surgical robot market reached about 12 trillion won last year. Of these, 76% were laparoscopic surgical robots. It is expected that the share of orthopedic and neurosurgery robots will increase to 30% while growing to the 20 trillion won level by this year.
Striving to develop AI surgical robots
CUREXO has recently signed a partnership with Microsoft (MS) of the United States, which has driven the artificial intelligence (AI) Chat GPT craze, to develop AI surgical robots.
It is expected that a method in which an AI robot will be developed for the first time in Korea that will be responsible for a significant part of surgery, from calculating a surgical plan to cutting, even with just one X-ray or computed tomography (CT) picture | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Underwater Hull Cleaner

[INQ. NO. 2207E04] SLM Global Co., Ltd. is an innovative mechatronics startup focusing on underwater hull cleaning robots; the best solution for a ship’s biofouling.

The global shipping industry now has even greater interest in keeping hulls clean. If not prevented or treated properly, hulls are easily susceptible to the accumulation of marine lifeforms attaching, growing, and colonizing on them. The so-called biofouling causes more dragging, leading to more fuel burning and therefore emitting more greenhouse gases (GHG).

On the other hand, invasive aquatic species (IAS) spread with biofouling and threaten the biodiversity wherever fouled ships reach. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is about to introduce regulatory measures for these two major environmental objectives: decarbonization in shipping and biosecurity against IAS. And cleaning of hulls is the key for all.

Technology and Product
SLM’s CHIRO® is the best solution for underwater hull cleaning. It cleans hulls in a smart way. It is safe and effective for divers, quality cleaning, and reporting for charterers. Not only the environmental benefits, but also the saving in fuel covers a few folds of cleaning costs.

CHIRO utilizes its patented magnet wheels, dual delicately controlled brushes under a strong shell and skeleton. With such compact and robust design, fully electric-powered, 300m-long remote control and the best class-location tracking, SLM achieved the best performance at an attractive price.

CHIRO’s efficacy is proven by its regular customers such as the Korean Navy, Samsung Heavy Industry, HMM, and many professional diving firms like Pacific Ocean since its first release in 2020.

Business Status
SLM is now expanding its networks to overseas markets, starting with Indonesia this year.

The company participated in several reputable exhibitions in Korea, Germany and Greece, attracting amazing attention and subsequent inquiries, thanks to its fantastic combination of price and practical performance. And there is a tail wind blowing. IMO’s regulation of CII (Carbon Intensity Index) comes into effect from 2023. Hull cleaning will be thus be more strictly regulated in the near future. Such technology is rare but SLM’s CHIRO® is prepared and committed. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

100kg Payload Mobile Robots

[INQ. NO. 2205E16] TWINNY Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in autonomous driving technology.
TWINNY leads the autonomous mobile robot service industry with its outstanding technology in various fields such as warehouses, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, apartments, etc.
The company was founded in 2015 by twin brothers Youngseok Cheon and Hongseok Cheon.
Hongseok Cheon is an expert in autonomous mobile robots who received his Ph.D. from KAIST for research in the same area. TWINNY has about 70 employees, of whom about 50 are engineers.
More than 30% of employees graduated from KAIST with master’s or doctoral degrees.
With its expertise based on M.As and Ph.Ds from KAIST, TWINNY has developed NarGo100, autonomous mobile robots, and TarGo100, a target-following robot.

NarGo100, 100kg payload autonomous mobile robot, could support efficient delivery of various items without additional infrastructure such as QR codes, Beacon or UWB. Safety is guaranteed using a laser distance measurement sensor, and ultrasonic wave sensor.
Design of automatic charging station and loading space can be customized with competitive price. Control and working status monitoring are available via a web-based central control system and tablet application.
TarGo100, 100kg target-following robot, follows a user. Once a user presses the ‘start’ butt on, it starts following the user. It never fails to follow the user in complex sett ing as it recognizes surroundings with a 2D LiDAR and RGBD camera. It does not get confused even between twin brothers wearing the same clothes. Target tracking does not require any additional device.
The user can flexibly respond to frequent work process changes in warehouses or manufacturing facility. And deployment of the robot is quick and easy.
Time to free up your hands! Let the robots do the delivery, and plan your time effi ciently. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Korea Electronics Show 2021

The Festival of Cutting-Edge Technologies
The Korea Electronics Show, which was first held in 1969, is Korea’s largest and leading professional brand exhibition for the electronics and ICT industry. It is expected to again be a business networking festival showcasing the present and future prospects for the related industries.
The core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution can be seen at the show. Exhibition items will include AI, IoT, robots, wearables, smart home appliances, home entertainments, vehicle technology, electronic parts & materials, health & wellness, VR/AR & 3D convergence, and startup & R&D.

Expecting more than 500 companies
In 2021, more than 500 companies including Samsung and LG are expected to join the show; and over 62,000 buyers & visitors are also anticipated to see the current convergence platform of the ICT industry here at KES.

Korea Electronics Show 2021

Other events of note will include ”Biz Matching” between exhibitors and influential buyers, an “Opening Keynotes,” in which global leaders will share their strategies and visions, in addition to various conferences and seminars also scheduled.
Kim Ki-nam, chairman of the Korea Electronics Association, conveyed his best wishes for the success of the show, saying, “We would be grateful if you can participate in KES which will be a perfect opportunity to present your latest innovations. KES continues to be an important platform for engaging with the media and potential business partners.”

Korea Electronics Show 2021 | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods