K-HOSPITAL FAIR held its first “Hospital Medical Industry Exhibition” in 2003, and successfully launched “K-HOSPITAL FAIR” in 2014. By hosting the annual exhibition, K-HOSPITAL FAIR enhances the competitiveness of the K-healthcare industry, and helps to promote the overall healthcare industry.

In line with the post-COVID era, the convergence of ICT and the medical industry became one of the major global trends. Most of the Korean companies planning to participate in the exhibition are wellequipped with ICT in order to swiftly and effectively respond to such global trends.
Many of the companies engaged in the related manufacturing areas and including medical imaging & diagnostics equipment are scheduled to exhibit their advanced items at this highly anticipated exhibition.

The BUY MEDICAL program, following the previous year, will also be held during K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022, to be held at COEX from September 29 to October 1. Efforts will be made to enhance the purchasing competitiveness of hospitals nationwide and to revitalize corporate businesses. It will consist of presentations, where representatives of the participating hospitals will explain their purchase plans, and 1:1 consultations will be held on purchases with respective hospital personnel.

Conferences and seminars will be organized by the Korean Hospital Association (KHA), as well as by associations of provincial and regional hospitals and of functional associations of hospitals.

A total of 17 seminars and 100 sessions were organized in 2021 to provide participants and visitors with opportunities to explore the future development of the hospital medical field.

At K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022, the trends of the future medical industry will be showcased, in line with the “Korean New Deal.”

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