In-Vitro Diagnostic Systems

[INQ. NO. 2212E18] ABSOLOGY aims to be the global standard for in-vitro diagnostic devices. Since its establishment, it has been showcasing its superior capabilities in the diagnostic systems field along with prominent patents.

ABSOLOGY possesses world-class technology for immuno-diagnosis in POCT and ultra-high sensitivity using photo oxidation induced amplification and diagnostic chip that adjusts the initial moving distance of a diagnostic sample.

ABSOLOGY is committed to saving more lives and promoting peoples’ good health by providing innovative and improved quality products.

Automated Fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA) Analyzer
ABSOL and ABSOL VET are automated fluorescent immunoassay (FIA) analyzers. They can be attached to a POCT near a patient-testing device. ABSOL system provides quantitative results from various biomarkers called Absoludy : PSA, Testosterone, Vitamin D, TSH, Free T4, COVID-19 lgM/lgG, COVID-19 Ag, Thyroid Combo, Cortisol, cCortisol, cTSH, cCRP and fSAA.

The Absoludy cartridges utilize microfluidics lateral flow technology where the analyte of interest in the sample forms immune complexes while moving though the pathway in the cartridges. Inside the ABSOL analyzer, a built-in on/off valve system can actively control the flow of specimens, so test results are reliable.

Automated highly sensitive ELISA system (ABSOL HS)
ABSOL HS is an automated highly sensitive ELISA system designed to detect femtogram-levels with photooxidation-induced fluorescence amplification technology. ABSOL HS amplifies a fluorescence signal by adding a photooxidation reaction to a fluorescence signal that has not been accurately measured before.

By analyzing the amplification curve of the fluorescent signal, the amount of target protein in a very small amount can be measured in reverse. ABSOL HS diagnoses Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases, including mild cognitive impairment: high sensitive Troponin I, Aβ oligomer, Aβ monomer 42/40 ratio and p-Tau181 & p-Tau217.

Inside the ABSOL HS analyzer, the built-in heating tray adjusts temperature to 37 degrees C, and provides the best conditions for immune reaction. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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