Transparent OLED Total Solution

[INQ. NO. 2212E17] Since 2003, Bi-Search Korea, Inc. (BSK) has been an official distributor of LG Display and has supplied display (TFT-LCD, OLED) products.

Based on the accumulated technology for display, BSK is in the business of directly developing and supplying customized products, optical direct bonding service, and enhanced & value-added display.

INVENUS, a transparent OLED total-solution product of BSK, has the meaning of “Finally realizing the sparkle and beauty of Venus.” It is a transparent OLED that can be configured as a video wall type, further differentiated from the existing transparent display used alone, realizing a simpler and more versatile product.

Transparent OLED video wall set
INVENUS is characterized by enabling plug-and-play video that anyone can easily install, with the configuration including all SETs required for product operation.

And the biggest advantage of this product is that it can freely change its structure from single-type to video wall type through modularization (using dedicated accessories) of products with patented designs, and what’s more it is available at a reasonable price.

The screen-size of this product is 55” and FHD (1920×1080) with 38% transparency applied.

In addition, a driving board set called E-BOX is provided, which allows video input with one HDMI and one display port.

The basic type can be used as a single monitor (stand-alone) if an accessory foot stand is used, and the expandable type is available as a 3 (vertical) X N (horizontal) video wall product using additional accessories such as support-frames and brackets.

It can be used for smart windows, show windows, counters, museums, art galleries, office screens, exhibition hall promotions, and broadcasting. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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