High-Frequency X-Ray Generators


[INQ. NO. 2210E06] POSKOM Co., Ltd. is an innovative leading manufacturer of X-ray imaging devices and OEM business. POSKOM’s broad expertise developed over 25 years in manufacturing the world’s first battery-powered portable X-ray products, high frequency X-ray generators, Monopblocks and full systems, provides adequate solutions to meet its clients’ needs and demands all over the world.

Battery-powered portable X-ray generators can execute approximately 300 exposures by one charging of the battery, which is a great advantage for outdoor radiography without heavy and complicated carriage of power cables.

X-Ray generators featuring user-friendly operation and functions
Also, user-friendly operation and functions are the most important elements of its product designs. Exclusive remote controllers, auto distance laser beam guiders, display reverse switches, and other convenient features maximize its customers’ work efficiency.

Conventional type X-ray generators (32kW~50kW) have auto-calibration and auto-error check functions and the APR functions as well as the AEC and ABC functions can offer more convenience for increasing the efficiency of the work. They also realize integrated interface technology, which eliminates the need for any changes in the use of a variety of X-ray tubes or DR detectors, and are easy to upgrade.

POSKOM always welcomes sufficient discussion with customers for X-ray Monoblocks design and production to meet their requirements. Its X-ray Monoblocks enable stable output capabilities that are not affected by unstable input power.

POSKOM not only builds strong sales and service networks with its local representatives, but also partners with healthcare leaders in more than 50 countries for higher technological advances. POSKOM is committed to providing the best possible customer service.

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