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A printed circuit board known as PCB uses conductive means to connect electronic components. The board is widely used for most of electronic devices. Good examples are quite near us, and they are found in a computer main board and a computer mouse. And for a PCB’s stability and performance, it must go through a testing process which involves many different types of PCB testers. SM POWERTECH, knowing what consequences the testers can bring to finished products, introduces auto PCB testers that customers can rely on.

The year 2004 greeted the birth of SM POWERTECH. Since them, the company has been manufacturing a wide range of precision and measurement instruments including automation system machines. Its quality products are credited by such certificates as ISO 9001 and 14001 from ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board).

SM POWERTECH product lineup is divided into three big categories: Tester JIG, Reliability Tester, and Customizer Automation Machine. For tester jigs, air-press type jigs as auto PCB tester can measure voltage and current and its Pin Board is easy to operate by using air pressure. Equipment air press and general air press type is a function tester for mobile systems like battery protection modules and battery packs. Manual type jigs have height control lever type which is portable and has adjustable lower board height, lock guide type that use a lock guide for operation and is suitable for sampling tests, and level type that uses a level handle to operate the Pin Board. Taking a look at SM POWERTECH’s reliability testers, you can find Cell Grading Tester, Tension Force Tester, Bending Strength Tester, Drop and Peel Tester. And Customizer Automation has Solar Systems and Develop Automation System. You can find more information at eng.smpowertech.com/index.asp.

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