Electronic Blackboard – Triple Color OD

In old days, students and teachers suffered in classrooms where pieces of chalks fanned dust. Especially, teachers had to use them on a blackboard for teaching. When powder-like pollutants were floating in the air, everyone used to either hold up their breath or cover their noses and mouths with a handkerchief. But that was then, and this is now: Triple Color OD’s Electronic Blackboard.

You can say it is magic when Triple Color OD’s built-in infrared camera type sensor does its job seamlessly, and a teacher seems to behave like a magician as he or she interacts with Magic Board. Students wow with awe. Here is why. By simply touching its screen, it is on and ready. Up to 100 units can connect wirelessly to the system with its vividly featuring screen, which also can share lots of information with students for years to come. All this realization is enabled by its wide screen, the infrared sensor, non-reflective glass display, semi-permanent lifespan, etc. Magic Board is for three-way uses: electronic blackboard, blackboard, and screen.

If compared to the other electronic blackboards, Triple Color OD’s electronic blackboard is proud of its cost-effectiveness, compatibility, a larger screen, extended usage, the no glaring and non-reflection display screen, and a simple design that can maximize space. Another item to dig is its screen and writing board with a wide screen, people can write by touching their fingers or using any mediums on it.

Triple Color OD since 1998 has brought a new scene into classrooms with its educational equipment. The electronic blackboard maker contributed to the growth of the educational industry by fixing deep-seated problems and offered solutions, and one of them is Magic Board. You can visit 3color.co.kr/indexEng.php for more information.

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