Automatic balancing centrifuge

[INQ. NO. 1511E03] HANLAB Corporation is the Korea’s leading company which develops and manufactures health & medical instruments.We succeeded in developing the automatic balancing centrifuge for the first time in the world, based on our experience and know-how in laboratory medicine accumulated over the past 20 years.We are exporting the automatic balancing centrifuge to 16 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.The intelligent self-compensation mechanism of the automatic balancing centrifuge has patents in more than 10 countries, including the USA.

Centrifuges that are currently available allow users to weigh samples manually and place samples symmetrically whenever they insert samples.

Balancing of samples is very important due to rotation at a high speed.

But our automatic balancing centrifuge, labmaster ABCCB200R, can detect imbalance by itself, automatically compensate the weight diff erence and maintain the balance by itself, automatically compensate the weight difference and maintain the balance through the balancers in each rotor arm. Labmaster ABCCB200R can save time in the preparation process and improve the accuracy of separation. This is the unique technology which is the first of its kind, and we acquired many patents in more than 10 countries. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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