Accelerating Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare

The Korea International Medical and Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2022) is currently considered the world’s 7th-leading medical equipment exhibition, and recognized as an exhibition that leads the global advance of Korea’s healthcare industry. It has recently taken place with a bigger exhibition scale than previous years thanks to the widespread attention and responses from related industries — in spite of the global Corona-virus pandemic.
In particular, apart from large companies, various types of companies including big-tech companies, start-ups, etc., participated in this exhibition in order to unveil advanced, innovative technologies and equipment. This gave visitors opportunities to grasp the changes in the healthcare market that is growing exponentially, and catch up with the latest trends in medical industry advances at a glance.

KIMES 2022 revealed some important medical industry trends – “From Pandemic to Endemic,” “Big Data & Metaverse,” “Untact Medical,” “Relax Science,” “Daily Touchcare & Expansion of Medical Home Appliance Market,” etc.
Meanwhile, visitors witnessed how the design trends of biomedical devices in 2022 would be with “sustainable design” facing the future that came 10 years earlier in a huge acceleration.
At KIMES 2022, visitors also could see how the digital transformation trend in healthcare areas is rapidly growing. For this year, some leading technologies including AI, big data, and personalized genetic testing, etc. are expected to lead the digital healthcare sectors.
The advancement of medical services based upon virtual reality and the metaverse is expected to be one of the strongest features from 2022 to 2023. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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