Electrolyzed Ion Water Sprayer


[INQ. NO. 2205E01] Puri-Global, established to provide higher-quality health & beauty solutions, recently released its latest portable electrolyzed ion water sprayer called “SHUM mini,” which produces sterilized electrolytic water by electrolyzing water within just one minute.
SHUM mini is a small but very impressive product created with the realization of four components – mini size, portability, speed, and safety. It is efficiently designed to protect you and your loved ones in your daily life from potential harmful infections.

Officially Approved Sterilizing Power

The sterilized electrolyzed ion water created with SHUM mini is constituted with slightly acidic hypochlorous acid, and is a safe product approved as a food additive by the FDA in the USA, and Korea’s Food and Drug Administration.
The sterilized electrolyzed ion water provided by SHUM mini has broad capacities in sterilization and deodorization, so that it is effective not only against bacteria (food poisoning, pneumonia, etc.), but also against viruses (Corona, influenza, etc.).
The president of the company stressed, “I can assure users that our smart, advanced portable sanitizer is the answer to these pandemic times – as we still firmly need to keep ourselves protected from virus germs.”
Puri-Global certified the reliability of the product through the issue of what it called a “COVID-19 sterilization certificate” after testing by the Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR).

Focusing on Customers’ Needs and Convenience

SHUM mini is designed based on three concepts – human friendly, eco, and easy.
With its small, light pocket-size, it is very portable for handbags, pouches, jacket pockets, etc. Thus, the user can easily use it without any restrictions in time and place.
SHUM mini can produce 20ml and 30ml of sterilized electrolyzed ion water within a relatively very short time of one minute. It can spray about 200~300times. It is easily rechargeable anytime and anywhere with a supplementary battery and notebook through USB cable. With only one time of charging, it can create sterilized electrolyzed ion water up to 100 times.
“In a time when global citizens are still suffering from the effects of COVID-19 and influenza A/B virus, I sincerely hope that our SHUM mini can become a solution that contributes to the health control of all community members. So, please show your support for this stylishly and compactly designed, yet strong product that can kill 99.9% of germs,” the company president added.

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