High power lamps

Established in 2010, ICEPIPE is the world’s first company to incorporate ICEPIPE HEATSINK and to develop high-efficiency, high power, and lightweight LED lamps. Especially, high power LED lamps of over 700W are noted for their global competitiveness in terms of performance, reasonable prices. And efforts are being stepped up for the release of higher performance next-generation LED products that will be strong players in leading global markets.

High-power-lamps https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry With the patented radiant heat system, ICEPIPE manufactures high-efficiency, lightweight LED lamps. The system can significantly lower the temperature of LED chips, compared to that of general LED lamps, so it ensures over 10 years of lifespan. And they have superior price-competiveness as they require small amounts of raw materials.

Currently, two representative models – CH2000, CT2000 – are the most eye-catching. For the former, especially protection circuit, an automatic power shutdown and returning circuit (incorporating a sensor switch that turns off power in case of a fire, abnormal high temperature, overcurrent or overvoltage) is added. That prevents secondary fire and self-damage to the product. CH2000 has ingress protection rating IP67 and its copper based heat sink makes it strong against corrosion. CH2000 delivers an ultra-slim and light weight design with a long lifespan thanks to the innovative cooling technology. The latter is also highly impressive. The applied ICEPIPE HEATSINK technology significantly reduced the weight of the model, and thus resulting in smarter and realization of safe installation. The 360’ rotable feature allows itself flexibility in the usage of various places.

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