CT, Exclusive for Companion Animals

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryEnabling precision diagnosis for cancer and tumors

[INQ. NO. 2002E28] It is a frequent occurrence that our companion pets die of cancer. This is attributable to the fact that there is no video equipment exclusive for pets and therefore checkups are normally carried out in brief procedures. Thus, cancer and tumors are usually discovered only when in the worst stage. However, such cases are expected to soon disappear.
An era in which our precious companion pets can have precision checkups is finally opening — in line with the world’s first development of CT for pet animals that can diagnose cancer and tumors.
Vatech, the world’s No. 1 dental X-ray company, recently seized keen attention by unveiling its latest CT for pet animals, “MyVet CT i3D,” last month. It is the first time that CT, exclusive for pet animals, was released.
It is expected that CT for pet animals will lead the popularization of precision checkups of companion animals. Until now, veterinarians could not introduce larger-sized CT for human bodies into animal hospitals due to issues of space and rental cost. Vatech Group has developed CT of far smaller size than the CT designed for human bodies, and thus it can be installed anywhere. The recently released CT for pet animals is priced at a 60 percent level of the CT for human bodies, which is priced at KRW 0.3 billion per unit.
Like high-performance CT, this CT can diagnose not only blood vessels but soft tissue as well. It is the world’s first CT for pet animals to detect cancer and tumors. In particular, as it emits almost no radiation, it does not require a separate room.
Vatech last month also unveiled the world’s first dental panorama X-ray — MyVet Pan i2D. The idea of the development of this CT is based on the fact that pet animals are frequently exposed to get cavities, but it is difficult to prevent pet animals’ teeth from being decayed as diagnosis procedures are more complex than expected. Vatech’s X-ray CT for last month imitated the structure of CT for human bodies. One-time photographing enables the acquiring of a panorama image of the entire set of teeth.
Only 20 seconds of shooting makes it possible for a veterinarian to photograph the entire body of a pet animal without general anesthesia.
Vatech will gradually supply its top-notch CT and X-ray to clients in North America, Europe, etc. as from this year. In particular, it has plans to grow its affiliate Woorien into a specialized enterprise that supplies solutions for specialized hospitals for pet animals. Currently, Woorien, ranked the No. 1 company in the nation in the area of the animal hospital electronic charts, aims to provide integrated service in which all things such as software, medical equipment & devices, and pharmaceutical products are included by expanding its business-size.

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