World’s First Diet Coaching Mobile Application (MyDAS)[INQ. NO. 2002E26] Amazing Food Solution Inc., a total healthcare solution company in the nutrition management field, has launched the world’s first mobile solution to provide specialized dietary information after undergoing surgery.
This solution, called MyDAS (My Diet After Surgery), consists of a mobile app and a web monitoring system. The mobile app tracks users’ food intake and provides automatically generated, customized nutritional guidance based on the type and time of surgery a user has undergone. Users can also take or upload photos of their meals for registered dietitians to provide feedback. The web monitoring system is designed for health professionals to track users’ diet and provide comprehensive feedback.

Amazing Food Solution is currently developing an extended version of MyDAS’s web administrator’s system, which would be synced with various healthcare devices to generate real-time reports and dietary feedback based on users’ changing health conditions. The firm also has plans to launch an international version of the service shortly. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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