Field Assembly Optical Connector

[INQ. NO. 2210E11] The field assembly optical connector, manufactured by KOREA OPTRON CORP., is used to connect the cable and the I/O section for data transmitted through fiber-optic cables based on FTTH network service used in the optical communication sector to be swiftly and accurately received.

For existing fiber-optic cables to get inside a building, an optical jumper cord was previously used from an optical fiber distribution placed on an electric pole to a home optical network tester (ONT).

As such, it was difficult to get them connected for optical communications due to the preset cord length.

Optical Connector Made Easy for On-Site Work
However, the field assembly optical connector enables you to measure the distance and directly assemble the fiber-optic cable and the jumper cord on the spot without having to make the preset cord in advance.

Therefore, even if there is no room for the subscriber line and you have to move to another optical fiber distribution, or even if the pre-set cord length is shorter than expected, you can swiftly respond to such problems and easily handle your on-site work.

The field assembly optical connector goes through the cross-section and epoxy processes in advance at the plant and simply consists of only three parts for the worker in the field to conveniently and repeatedly connect necessary lines. It is easy to get this connector assembled thanks to the cover-pressing method. And there is almost no poor connectivity when lines are connected, as the optical loss is low while the connection success rate is high.

As this connector allows you to directly assemble relevant components and connect them with the coated optical fiber in the field by cutting and grinding the fiberoptic cable extended outward beyond the ferrule crosssection, you are able to get cables connected at the end of the network line even without connection devices. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

A Global Top-tier Security Company

With over 30 years in the video-surveillance business, Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd. is a top-tier global security company – based on its world-class optical, manufacturing and image-processing technologies.

[INQ. NO. 2206E18] Building on the company’s history of innovation, Hanwha Techwin is dedicated to providing products and technologies with the highest levels of performance, reliability and cost-efficiency for professional security applications.
Hanwha Techwin has consolidated its leadership position in security solutions by building self-developed SoC chipsets, along with total-security solutions encompassing network and analog cameras, recording solutions, video management software, and compression technology.

Supplying Various Product Lineups Meeting its Customers’ Needs
Hanwha Techwin has a varied product lineup to satisfy its customers’ diverse needs, including Wisenet P, X, Q, T series network/analog cameras as well as recording solutions, lenses, encoders, and decoders.

Wisenet P series
Hanwha Techwin recently launched its first multidirectional camera, providing advanced object detection and user convenience based on artificialintelligence (AI) technology.
Powered by AI deep-learning algorithms, the multidirectional cameras reduce the occurrence of false alarms through their reliable detection of objects. The technology enables the cameras to distinguish human faces, identify specific vehicles and even recognize license plates. This heightened accuracy results in fewer false alarms caused by animals or wind-caused movement of trees or stray objects.
The cameras, the PNM-C12083RVD and PNM-C7083RVD, boast a range of AI-based features. Particularly useful is the AI-based search on the backend, which allows users to search footage for particular objects. WiseNRII uses AI to reduce image blur in low-light environments with large amounts of noise, resulting in clearer images.
The PNM-C12083RVD supports 15fps image capture and true 120dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) without compromising the frame rate for each of its 6MP sensors.
Motorized vari-focal lenses offer a focal range of 3.54–6.69mm for flexible field of view adjustment in each direction. Similarly, the new PNM-C7083RVD supports 30fps with 120dB WDR for each of its 2MP sensors. The camera’s motorized vari-focal lenses support a range of 3.0–6.0mm.
The P AI 2CH multidirectional cameras use WisestreamIII to effectively retain high video quality at low data size, meaning users can process high-quality images without needing to install additional network or storage devices. The cameras also feature built-in IR, which allows users to monitor in complete darkness and forego the need for an additional camera for nighttime.

Wisenet X series
Hanwha Techwin’s new X series lineup — X-core and X-plus — can identify license plates and vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks and bicycles, with superb image-quality supported by Scene Analysis and Local Contrast Enhancement. X-plus comes with long focal length (10.9-29mm) which is especially applicable when monitoring objects at high elevations or at great distances, and is particularly useful in casino and hotel lobby settings.
For added versatility, operators can create virtual channels by homing in on a particular view with one camera, allowing it to be monitored simultaneously with a separate channel on the backend equipment.
These systems draw on the power of AI for their strength and efficacy. Data — on persons, vehicles, license plates — is sent to the backend server and used to extract information on specific events. Operators can then search AI events on the backend servers, which allows for quicker and more efficient searching.

Wisenet Q series
Video surveillance cameras are an essential element for the effective security of retail stores since it they help to prevent product theft and ensure the safety of employees and customers. In these days, the demand for such cameras among retailers has been growing sharply as they help store owners operate their stores more efficiently; and it contributes to increased sales of retail stores through integration with business intelligence solutions.

Hanwha Techwin, a leading global security company, recently seized the industry’s attention through the release of its new Wisenet Q mini series. This newly launched line-up is designed as 99mm(3.9in) super-compact sized, about 40% smaller than its predecessor. Thanks to this feature, the Wisenet Q mini series perfectly blends into any interior while facilitating effortless installation anywhere, even on a ceiling or a wall inside and outside of retail stores.
The Wisenet Q mini series comprises four dome cameras (QND-6011/QND-6021/QND-8011/QND-8021) supporting 2MP·5MP resolution. As an expansion of the Wisenet Q series, this newly launched line-up adopts all the advantages of the previous Wisenet Q series, while supporting essential video security functions at a reasonable price. Hanwha Techwin also plans to launch various types of Q mini series including fisheye cameras within this year to expand customer satisfaction.
This line-up features two lenses (2.8mm/4mm), which allow users to select and use one according to their desired direction and angle, while the ‘Hallway View’ enables vertically or horizontally oriented monitoring in long and narrow spaces of some stores, such as corridors and aisles. It also supports HDMI output (QND-8011/QND-8021) to help users connect directly to a monitor or TVs for public view while the ‘Open platform’ has strengthened connectivity with third-party companies.
Furthermore, the cameras are closely integrated with ‘Retail Insight,’ Hanwha Techwin’s exclusive retail solution, for smarter selling is another key feature of these cameras. By integrating with ‘Retail Insight,’ the cameras identify store congestion in advance and provide effective personnel management by analyzing the average number of customers and accumulated time spent in specific areas. Moreover, they analyze various store information (e.g. data from franchises) at once and produce useful reports for store management. Thus, it serves as a one-stop solution for operating stores more efficiently and contributing to sales growth.
A spokesman for Hanwha Techwin recently explained, “We expect a positive market response as the new cameras have improved ease of installation thanks to their compact design, while they encourage sales growth by providing analytical functions that enable intelligent store operations and management.” He added, “We also plan to bolster customer satisfaction in the market by continuously launching various Q mini series.”

Wisenet T series
Hanwha Techwin, a global supplier of security solutions, has released three explosion-proof camera models (TNU6322E, 6322ER, TNO-6322ER) designed to operate safely even in hazardous industrial locations with explosion and fire hazards.
Three newly unveiled explosion-proof cameras prevent explosions triggered by any internal or external factors, ensuring safe operations at high-risk industrial facilities. TNU-6322E/6322ER models feature 360˚ endless panning and 180˚ tilting, which enable wide-area surveillance of every corner of a large industrial site. Swing, Group, Tour, and AutoRun modes allow monitoring in multiple directions without any blind spots.
The 2MP high-quality resolution delivers sharp and clear image quality, and the powerful 32x (4.44 ~ 142.6mm) optical zoom lens captures everything with sharpness without losing detail, even in industrial or hazardous areas. The long-range IR illuminator built into the TNU6322E/6322ER models allows night-time surveillance at a distance of up to 200m.

The embedded WiseStreamII technology effectively reduces the data size while maintaining image quality, thus enhancing security and data management efficiency. In addition, the cameras are IP67 certified water and dust resistant and IK10 certified vandal-proof, thereby ensuring stable operation in any location.
“The new launch completes the explosion-proof camera line-up” recently remarked a product manager from Hanwha Techwin. It ensures robust surveillance to safeguard hazardous environments against fires, gas poisoning, and so forth, triggered by flammable gas, dust, and other toxic materials.”

Mid- and Long-term Growth Strategies
Hanwha Techwin has been focusing on establishing a sustainable platform over the years to establish itself as a global security leader.
The market and technology are changing rapidly, and the needs of its customers are changing. Among them, it believes that core technology is an essential factor for companies to continue to grow, so it is continuously investing and developing to secure competitiveness in core technologies such as AI, cloud, and SoC chipset.
In addition, customers’ needs for solutions are gradually becoming more diversified and subdivided, focusing on developing integrated and specialized solutions such as traffic management, smart parking systems, logistics and distribution, healthcare, and risk area monitoring to meet these needs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods