Field Assembly Optical Connector

[INQ. NO. 2210E11] The field assembly optical connector, manufactured by KOREA OPTRON CORP., is used to connect the cable and the I/O section for data transmitted through fiber-optic cables based on FTTH network service used in the optical communication sector to be swiftly and accurately received.

For existing fiber-optic cables to get inside a building, an optical jumper cord was previously used from an optical fiber distribution placed on an electric pole to a home optical network tester (ONT).

As such, it was difficult to get them connected for optical communications due to the preset cord length.

Optical Connector Made Easy for On-Site Work
However, the field assembly optical connector enables you to measure the distance and directly assemble the fiber-optic cable and the jumper cord on the spot without having to make the preset cord in advance.

Therefore, even if there is no room for the subscriber line and you have to move to another optical fiber distribution, or even if the pre-set cord length is shorter than expected, you can swiftly respond to such problems and easily handle your on-site work.

The field assembly optical connector goes through the cross-section and epoxy processes in advance at the plant and simply consists of only three parts for the worker in the field to conveniently and repeatedly connect necessary lines. It is easy to get this connector assembled thanks to the cover-pressing method. And there is almost no poor connectivity when lines are connected, as the optical loss is low while the connection success rate is high.

As this connector allows you to directly assemble relevant components and connect them with the coated optical fiber in the field by cutting and grinding the fiberoptic cable extended outward beyond the ferrule crosssection, you are able to get cables connected at the end of the network line even without connection devices. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods