World-class Transformers in 1980, Taehwatrans started out as a company specialized in manufacturing instrument current transformers, and it has been growing as one of the world’s most reputable companies, exporting transformers to around 50 countries. The company takes pride in the fact that it has been a leading company supplying world-class transformers in the global market for the last 30 years.
With about 40 years’ experience, Taehwatrans has been able to develop a very unique market positioning in the competitive global markets. The company can support a significantly wider range of applications than any other providers, which enables it to work together with companies and industries such as energy metering, monitoring, protection, energy harvesting, electric vehicle, BEMS, FEMS and MV distribution.
Taehwatrans has been certified with UL, ERP, ISO9001, CE, TUV and ISO14001 along the way. And for the future, it promises to become a leader in smart grid that will upgrade future values of clients with continuous technology development and the best-quality products to meet the ever-changing needs of the markets.


Producing Various Current Transformers and Current Sensors

Basically, Taehwatrans develops, produces and sells CTs for HEMS, BEMS and FEM of Smart Grid, CTs for division, distribution CT, outdoor CT for monitoring and Rogowski coils. Also, it produces precision CT that goes into 0.1 class meters and CT for digital fault recorders that requires ultra-precision for power plants and substations. In addition, it produces and sells ESS for electric recharge and ZCT for automobiles.

Taehwatrans off ers a varied selection of current sensors, such as Revenue Grade Metering CTs, Isolation CTs, Multi Harmonics CTs, Energy Monitoring & Protection CTs, DC immunity CTs, Rogowski coils, including Flexible Rope Type for medium voltage, and Outdoor Weather Resistant Split-core CTs. As IoT (Internet of Things) application advances, Taehwatrans is stepping up its efforts to develop a new generation of current sensors such as energy harvesting & energy monitoring sensors and wireless current sensors. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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