Bubble Face Washer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySince its founding in 1993, HASUCO KOREA has grown by exporting Korean products only, securing and trading with a lot of regular buyers and agents in overseas markets for over 25 years. Korea’s Small and Medium Business Administration designated HASUCO KOREA as a global market developer (GMD) in 2017.
Bubble face washer Tintors serves a pore cleaning function, which allows micro vibration and ultrasonic waves to penetrate deep into pores to remove hidden wastes.
Tintors performs a massage function. Micro vibrations generated by the expansion of the compressed air bubbles gently massaging the face, loosening muscles and helping blood circulation which boosts skin elasticity.
The company’s bubble face washer also features a lowirritation cleansing function that has a low-irritation cleansing function that helps to evenly clean the entire face with clean air bubbles that do not directly stimulate the skin.
The washer also performs a hydrating function. With air bubbles, more moisture can be added to the skin to help maintain smooth and moistened skin. High-density compressed air bubbles fill up oxygen in stressed and aged skin and make skin healthy and resilient. The product uses normal tap water without additional additives (recommended temperature: 10 to 20 degrees C).


Enhancing the Brand Competitiveness of Korean Products

As veterans in the trade sector, all of HASUCO employees have more than 20 years of experience in the field, though they are few in number to fit the characteristics of a trading firm that requires expertise. Especially in the MENA region, HASUCO has built the quality credibility of the “HASUCO” brand for more than 20 years.
As a result, in construction consumables, HASUCO was able to maintain a 90% market share amidst fi erce competition from Chinese imitations and low-priced products. Its main business items are a wide range of IT electronics, beauty & medical devices, household goods, etc. The company will continue to find innovative products with excellent quality and superior technology in Korea and actively promote them in overseas markets to lead its export expansion.
HASUCO KOREA, a general trading company, was founded in March 1993 for exporting to the Middle East, and has grown steadily with trust and credit despite many difficulties. Most of the companies registered as early trading partners at the time of establishment have been influential both directly and indirectly as long-time partners of this company even after 20 years.

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