Box Power Strip with USB Charger[INQ. NO. 1710E06] Ablue’s main product is a box power strip with USB charger, and a cord organizing space. The anticipated next product is development is a smart docking appliance which functions as a monitor stand and power strip & multi-outlet for more product line-ups. With continuous research and product development, it aims to become one of the most prestigious companies in IT smart products and design products.
Ablue is a company that specializes in developing, producing, and distributing smart IT products for a richer lifestyle. Ablue’s boxtap is a USB chargeable multi-plug power strip with cable management. It consists of a power strip, USB charger, built-in cable management container, and stickers for LED switches. For convenient access, it supports front facing switches. For a cleaner look, a cable management container is available. The LED light on every switch is available for individual ON/OFF notification. The changeable stickers are also supported for customizing LED switches. Two front USB ports for close and convenient charging are provided. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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