Loading-Instrument Software (for Vessels, Ships)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryTechmarine S/W Co., Ltd. has been developing the world’s finest loading-calculation program for over 5,100 vessels, and all types of ships. Since our first development in 1982, Techmarine S/W has been supplying “Shipmanager-88” to the domestic market and pioneering into new international markets such as China, Singapore, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Iran, with our own technical development, high quality service and user-friendly interface system.
Our major clients include global leading shipbuilders such as HHI Group, Samsung Heavy Industries, and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. Techmarine S/W has certifications of LR, DNV, NK, KR, ICS and carries out projects of all classifications including developing countries’ certificates such as BKI and VR class.


Developing the World’s Finest Loading-Calculation Program

“Shipmanager-88” enables prompt verification of a vessel’s stability, trim, drafts and deflection of the hull. At the same time, it calculates stability and strength automatically. The program gives you a visible window of information about calculated results for the current loading conditions. The standard version of “Ship Manager-88” satisfies the specific classification that clients require and it is possible to incorporate their suggestions into the software with full information and support.


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