Air Purifier Sterilizer in 2009, environmental scientific technology of Puresys aims for anthropocentricity “Puretopia.” Puresys is a new technology R&D company with eco-friendly improvements based on the fundamental scientific technology of new materials for purification and sterilization. It was researched and developed by KAIST, utilizing its advanced equipment and excellent research infrastructure supported by verified performance with secured safety and by the capacity of Korean science and technology.
Also, the all-in-one series of Puresys is being exported to overseas markets such as China, Southeast Asia and Europe by establishing brand images with the world’s best technology and design.


Multi-Type (All-in-one Mobile) / Combined Vehicle & Wall Type (All-in-one20)

Puresys provides the perfect performance with simple and luxurious design and offers harmony and pleasant air in all kinds of spaces. Puresys’ original technology of AIR MAGIC perfectly gets rid of not only remaining germs and viruses but also ozone and harmful chemical gases after fine dust particles are filtered with three-phase filters and going through 11 stages of chain reaction of electro-catalysis and chemical-catalysis. The chain reaction of sterilization is due to sequential multiple metal forms and an optional catalyst.
The car-compatible, multi-type air purifier sterilizer (all-in-one mobile) is to be used in spaces like hospital wards, private office space, kids’ study rooms, private study, bedrooms, restrooms, cars, studio type bedrooms, karaoke rooms, indoor screen golf, etc. It covers 172 square feet with power source being DC 12V from an adapter and car cigar jack. It is patented (No. 10-1069685) with its state of art metal foam multiple Nano catalyst technology applied.
The wall-mounting type air purifier sterilizer (all-in-one20) covers 710 square feet with its power supply being 110 or 220V AC. It features a timeless design using real metal with aluminum sanding treatment and 14-step purification and sterilization processes for complete removal of contaminants. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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