A Leading Company in the Heating System


For House, Building, School, Industrial facilities,etc.

[INQ. NO. 1711E09] Since its founding in 2003, Enerpia has been providing solutions for floor heating systems and snow-removal systems, and all other areas that require heat in a one-stop solution from R&D to production & construction, striving to enable people to live warm and healthy lives.
Moreover, Enerpia opened a local corporation in China and a branch office in Russia, doing their best in pioneering overseas markets. As of 2017, enerpia is exporting floor heating systems and various kinds of solutions to around 20 countries worldwide including China and Russia. Enerpia promises to continue to make efforts in order to make “customer support, customer satisfaction” its priority to satisfy all people who use the company’s products.


Heating X-L Pipe

An innovative heating technology which improves heating efficiency using special heat medium and expansion pressure by heating the heating wire in a closed X-L pipe without a boiler or circulating motor which is the medium for floorheating.


Floor heating cable

A system which buries floor heating cable in the floor of the building, using radiation from electric energy to conduct main heating and supplementary heating on the floor in order to make the indoor environment clean and provide convenient heating effect.


Heating film

This is a cutting-edge heating method based on gravure printing of carbon heating element on PET film, electrodes are made of copper foil, and laminated with a film. Film heating is wellꠓbeing heating that emits far-infrared rays and anions, producing warm air using far-infrared radiation.


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