Hepatic Fibrosis Examination Device

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1711E01] UTB Inc. is a company specializing in ultrasound for refurbishing and selling ultrasound diagnosis devices, in the name of Sono Solution Inc. until 2012, when it changed its name to UTB and became responsible for exclusive distributions in Korea as SonoScape Inc. and importation as HiSky Inc.
With know-how from successful launching of ultrasound diagnosis devices of Sonoscape in Korea, FibroTouch FT 100, a new product of HiSky, was launched. UTB Inc. is planning to continuously introduce new products that might be helpful for the domestic medical equipment market.
FibroTouch FT 100 is an ambitious product of HiSky MED, which has been introduced for the first time in Korea. It is a hepatic fibrosis examination device for rapid and accurate examination by minimizing disadvantages of existing liver disease examinations such as biopsy, blood and ultrasound examinations.
Using next-generation instant elasticity technology, the examination is noninvasive with principles of processing information of various sources.
SonoScape S50 is an ultrasound device on an upgraded platform that differs from existing devices. Equipped with powerful single crystal transducers, it provides more complete and various images with amazing 4D function and convenient workflow. It memorizes movement with flexibility and accuracy so it can be conveniently shifted to touchscreen and different modes.
Also, SonoScape S22 is equipped with a high-resolution probe of 256 channels. This is a product incorporating all the technology and know-how of Sonoscape by upgrading the basic 2D screen quality to maximum and supporting all the applications.
Of special note, the second-generation µ-scan engine is loaded for clear images and the best technical functions such as elastography and real-time panoramic imaging that have been added as well.

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