TENDO Tape Dispenser

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryUnder its slogan “Small but clear difference,” YeonJin INC aims to make a remarkable product that helps people beyond simply making money. Since its foundation, TENDO, the company’s brand, has followed this slogan not just targeting products for profits, but concentrating on research and development for users as to how to make its products more convenient and user friendly. Based on 20 years of abundant development experience, YeonJin INC endeavors to become a company that grows together with users to make products with efficiency and productivity.
YeonJin INC is dedicated to making efforts continuously for better products considering consumers. It always tries to develop with passion and a challenging spirit to get closer to its goal and achieve what the users really need. The company aimed to meet the needs of users with the Tendo Dispenser, which was born out of full development experience.


P-1200 and SY-123

TENDO is fitted with a blade angled at 10 degrees to cut the tape easily and cleanly. The durable and high-quality blade is chrome coated. The center indicator on the blade helps you align the box seam with the center of the tape. You can simply replace the blunt or damaged blades with a new and fresh edge as blades are sold individually. The ergonomic curved design of TENDO reduces wrist fatigue with long periods of operation.
TENDO (P-1200) is covered with Urethane which enhances both durability and grip. You can get a better grip on TENDO as it is made of rubber and it fits nicely in your hand. Tension is controlled with a squeeze of the hand that provides tight and precise package sealing. While TENDO has a 10-degree angled blade, the edge of the tape is straight cut. It dispenses up to 100m x 2” wide roll of box tape.

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