Water Dispenser & Electric Heater

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1712E06] PASECO’s water dispenser keeps drinking water clean and fresh in the tank as its UV-C LED module prevents drinking water from bacterial contamination.
The company has always been focused on studying how to reduce customers’ electricity bills and came up with an optical sensor. And it is a user-friendly product with good design and height, which allow everyone to drink water in a comfortable position.
And finally, it is made with stainless steel 304. By adopting STS 304 stainless steel components that do not corrode and create bad smell in the tank and flow pipes, hygiene is guaranteed.
PASECO’s electric heater, on the other hand, features the following: First, it has a modern look with beautiful design. And its three-step heating power allows three options. The lowest power is 600W with only the middle tube turned on, and the second power is 1,200W by turning on the first and third heating tubes. Lastly, the strongest power is 1,800W with all of its heating tubes on. Its aluminum reflector maximizes radiant energy with its heating efficiency better than stainless steel reflectors.

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