Non-Surgical Decompression & Correction Device in 2003, Shinhwa Medical has developed a unique approach and equipment for the treatment of discs and accompanying muscles, pelvis and sacrum. Spine MT is based on five years of research and development and represents the latest advances in the manufacture and maintenance of high-quality medical equipment in Korea and abroad. The company has expertise in spine-related equipment, especially muscle movements and decompression.


Spine MT

According to statistical analyses, almost 80 percent of the global population suffers from some kind of lower back problem following a cold, which is ranked first. Fortunately not all spine-related diseases need an operation, which is the last resort. A non-surgical machine, Spine MT, restores our inherent natural healing power to treat back and neck problems, by using decompression and strengthening muscles.
The spine does not stand alone. It is connected all the way to the sacrum and the pelvis and Spine MT built in a function to relax the sacroiliac joint first, followed by pelvis movement. Spine MT is customized, multi-functional 3D equipment to treat spine-related symptoms and neck discomfort as well as discs. It also features a mobilization mode to strengthen muscles including the sacrum and pelvis. Deep muscle treatment through mobilization during decompression is available.
The 3D feature for disc treatment along with unilateral bending and right/left stop position decompression function is also useful. Right and left rotation to strengthen back muscles has been adopted from chiropractic. It also has thermo function and the treatment table goes up to 20 degrees C. According to conditions of patients, there are automatic and selective modes to choose from. It has distribution channels in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, India, China and Denmark. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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