Desktop Type Steam Sterilizer[INQ. NO. 1802E02] Hongik Medical Systems’ H220S/H480S/H480V/H680S models are desktop high-precision high-pressure steam sterilizers that effectively complete most sterilization tasks required by hospitals.
Among them, H480S incorporates four fully automatic sterilization programs and two separate programs based on high-precision electronic control technology. Particularly in the Package and Instrument modes, the product provides improved sterilization performance by applying a Pulsed Air Removal cycle that can sterilize porous materials such as poultry and lumens. The Pulsed Air Removal technology consists of a multi-stage air-removal process and exhibits high saturation vapor displacement performance. This performance can be confirmed by the Bowie-Dick Test, which confirms sterilization of the high pressure steam sterilizer. Experience a new sterilization function through the H series, which are high-precision high-pressure steam sterilizers passing the Bowie-Dick Test.
In addition, to ensure robust durability, a rectangular sterilization chamber was adopted instead of the original round chamber. The rectangular chamber can utilize space more than 120% compared to round ones, which can greatly scale up the efficiency of the work. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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