LED signboard


Displaying video contents in high definition

[INQ. NO. 1806E01] KSYS, an enterprise specialized in display networks, recently announced that it had developed an LED signboard capable of displaying high-definition video as well as text and image cuts, launching the product as the LEDot brand.
The two products developed by this company are LEDot Digital LED and LEDot LED Banner. ‘LEDot Digital LED’ has a brightness of 7000 nits (1 nit had the brightness of one candle), which is more than 10 times as bright as the existing equivalent LCD signboards By minimizing the pixel, the element space, to 5mm and combining the high refresh rate of 2000Hz, the product displays accurately the desired contents with high definition.
This product has adopted the LED element featuring up-to-date performance and a black mask around the panel, thereby capable of reproducing the video naturally, even in a bright space.
LEDot LED Banner is a movable LED signboard with dimensions of 190cm in high, 57cm in wide and 3.5cm in thick. Equipped with a thin-film, high-brightness display panel and having a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, this product can be seen clearly from anywhere. You can use this product individually, or, by combining two or more, install and use them widely like an electronic board.
You can replace the contents with a portable storage device (USB) and remotely control and manage the product by linking it to the digital advertising operation solution (CMS) provided by KSYS.
KSYS recently exhibited and introduced two kinds of LEDot products at the International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA 2018) held recently at COEX. It plans to develop marketing operations mainly for large-scale facilities, such as hospitals, hotels, and department stores, and expand our business activities to small-scale businesses including restaurants and mobile phone stores.
Mr. Byeong-min Cheon, President and CEO of KSYS, said, “Our products can be installed at the entrance of the shop, the lobby, or the inside and outside walls to increase the advertising impact and reduce operating costs. We will bring new sensations to the LED display advertising market by replacing the old lamp-type LED signboards, as many as 0.8 million.”

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