Mobile Accessories

Things Hybrid Charger

Even though wireless charging is being mostly used, wire chargers are still necessary for users to charge simultaneously when using smartphones and to charge other smart devices. This brand is the so-called world’s-first wire/wireless high-speed charger, manufactured to perform the roles of both wire- and wireless-charger simultaneously.
Users can conveniently use reel cable style of wire charging cable by pulling when using and can easily manage it during the time when not using it. Also manufactured in kit form, it allows easy using and replacing. Regardless of the kinds of charging cable, users can use it by only replacing the kit. With its simple and ergonomic design, users can enjoy upgraded convenience in use.


Things Square Ring

For luxury, high-priced premium smartphones, Things Square Ring is especially manufactured with 3mm of thickness and unique design. It was launched after 0.4million tests and boasts superior durability. It thus can satisfy users who seek premium smart rings. This functions as a cradle, and facilitates safe grip when using one-hand. Users can freely use it in the angle and direction they wish with the functions of 180-degree folding and 360-degree rotation. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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