Smart Baby Monitor[INQ. NO. 1806E15] Monit Smart Baby Monitor is a baby tech product composed of diaper sensor, air quality measuring hub and app service. Att ached on the outer surface of the diaper, the app distinguishes between urine and feces and sounds the alarm accordingly. Thus, it helps the parent to replace the diaper immediately, thereby preventing diaper rash and urinary tract infection.
The air quality measuring hub monitors the air quality, including temperature, humidity and VOC (volatile organic compounds) gas, around the babies and supports the alarm function when the sett ing range is exceeded. This unit helps prevent atopic dermatitis, respiratory diseases, etc.
It is possible to check the condition of babies’ diapers and surrounding air quality without any limitation of both indoor and outdoor space through connection of Bluetooth (4.0 or higher) and Wi-Fi.
Up to seven diaper sensors can be interlocked and used simultaneously, and it is convenient to use this unit even when there are many babies. Up to fi ve people can receive the app alarm at the same time.
Monit Co., Ltd., a company researching, developing and producing smart baby care products, has a vision of helping babies to grow healthily, and changing baby care into a happy experience by relieving the stress of infant care through advanced IT technology.
Monit is a company established by six dads who gathered together at C-Lab, the in-house venture of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Monit aims at helping parents feel happier while they spend time with their babies by solving inconvenient and diffi cult things that they directly experienced in their infant care with IT technology.
Monit has obtained multiple certifi cations, such as KC, RoHs, CE, FCC, JPMIC, SAR (Specifi c Absorption Rate, determining hazards of electromagnetic radiation), etc., thereby guaranteeing safety.
The diaper sensor is Velcro-type, capable of being att ached to all the disposable diapers (weight of the sensor: 12 grams). The diaper sensor is rechargeable (micro 5 pin/ charging time: 3 hours, available time: 3 days). It acts as a feeding light and its brightness can be adjusted to three levels by the method of touching the air-quality measuring hub. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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