IoT Healthcare Device(Plasma Cleaning)[INQ. NO. 1806E28] Plasma Cleaning developed by IM Healthcare is a new-concept clothing care device that cares for clothes by eliminating harmful substances in the wardrobe. It is a product developed by adopting the ion module that acquired the elimination test result of a total of 15 kinds of harmful substances. This product can eliminate musty smells generated in a wardrobe, as well as eliminate harmful substances, such as various viruses and bacteria, volatile organic compounds, etc., existing in a wardrobe.
This product can be used for up to two weeks by charging once as it is equipped with a lithium ion battery and used semi-permanently just with regular cleaning. In addition, as a low power of less than 2 watts is used, you can use it without having any concerns about electric charges. It also can be used in various spaces requiring management of harmful substances, such as shoe closets, restrooms, etc.
IM Healthcare is growing as a leader of various digital healthcare suppliers in Korea by proceeding with the businesses of the next-generation bio-diagnosis technology, IoT smart healthcare, the plasma ionizer and the AMI/AMR (automatic meter reading/ advanced metering infrastructure). In the case of next-generation bio-diagnosis technology business, it developed a portable device that diagnoses various diseases promptly on the spot using a highly sensitive bio-sensor based on the semiconductor process. The company proceeded with research and development to make the portable system prompt and highly sensitive. In case of IoT smart healthcare business, it is establishing a healthcare platform managing the life-cycle healthcare service of children, youths and the elderly and, simultaneously, developing a healthcare device fit for their life-cycles.

Regarding the plasma ionizer business, IM Healthcare delivering its self-developed ion-generating module to major Korean companies for their air purifiers. Doctor USB, an ion-generator developed with its own brand, entered the duty-free shops in Korea and achieved the first place in sales in the category of small electronics, in recognition of its technological prowess. In the case of AMI/AMR business, the company is performing remote meter reading without replacing the existing mechanical water meter by developing the automatic water-meter reading system based on IoT, and establishing a convenient system enabling unmanned automatic meter reading. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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