A New Leader in Interactive Virtual Reality Content and Platforms

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry4THEVISION is an interactive virtual reality content and platform producer that provides total solutions such as planning, building, developing, and management to industry, education, culture, and entertainment sectors.
4THEVISION leads people into an immersive experience in media technology, exploring various & new media fields such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality ― all of which have enormous applicability in multiple business fields ranging from entertainment (such as games, films, soap operas and attraction devices for theme parks) to medical, education, and commerce sectors.
4THEVISION wants to build a meta-immersive media world and provide new and fun experiences to everyone around the globe by combining user-oriented creative ideas, boundless imagination and state-of-the-art technology, transcending the boundaries between reality and the virtual world. The company has more than 10 years of experience in Korea.

Digital Twin ‘VFACT’
Digital smart factory represents a significant further step in VR Simulation
As a matter of fact, 4THEVISION provides virtual reality solutions also for education, training, operation and simulation fields for industrial enterprises.
With digital twin contents, you can utilize actual data, thanks to the development of a real-time communication system that uses a virtual twist simulator and virtual reality contents. That’s why its project lets you experience a VR monitoring system (using IOT sensors and a real-time getaway), a new maintenance training system and a new VR simulation system for safety (both using an industrial equipment simulator).
Moreover, the company is now working in the Gobi desert in Mongolia with Oyu Tolgoi, which is the world’s fifth largest mine, in order to develop safety training contents useful both for employees and visitors.

W.A.V: a new paradigm of music
Among its various projects, 4THEVISION created W.A.V which is a VR entertainment Karaoke contents platform. Through W.A.V, you can experience new and awesome performance stages with K-Pop stars. Moreover, you can make your own stage anywhere you want.
There are also different modes you can choose from: like the Unlimited Singing Stage, the Duet and the Immersive Concerts. W.A.V allows anyone to be a K-Pop star.

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