Window-mounted Air Conditioner[INQ. NO. 1909E54] The new “PASECO window-mounted air conditioner” is an indoor window-mounted type air conditioner neither requiring the outdoor unit nor exposed to the outside.
As its biggest advantage, this product is an air conditioner with a built-in outdoor unit, which the consumers can install and detach by themselves. Unlike the installation of the existing wall-mounted air conditioner, this product does not need any installation process such as an installation technician, wall drilling, and piping, etc., thereby requiring no additional costs. In addition, this product has solved the disadvantage of requiring a separate place for installing the outdoor unit and also solved the heat and noise problem caused by the heat discharge pipe of the existing portable air conditioner that is exposed to the indoors.
“PASECO window-mounted air conditioner” is for 6-pyeong (=19.8m2) floor size and adopted Samsung’s original compressor, having acquired the energy-efficiency rating. Adopting a slim stand-type design, this product does not protrude to the outside of the window so that the window can be shut while you go out, and the self-evaporation system does not allow you to worry about the drainage, thereby ensuring your safety.
The customers need not separately install the outdoor unit of the new product, but they can install and detach the product by themselves – so there is no need to wait for installation, unlike conventional air conditioners. Even in an environment where general air conditioners cannot be installed, such as one-person households, children’s rooms, studios, and rented houses, if only there is a window, consumers can install and detach them, thereby providing great merits of economics not requiring additional cost and convenience.
PASECO window-mounted air conditioner was developed after two years of research and development by PASECO Research Institute. This product is a smart home appliance which is directly produced by PASECO factory of Korea, which is also responsible for after-sale service. This product is expected to be an essential home appliance for the consumers’ healthy and pleasant summer this year and, in that context, the call center and the nationwide service network have been greatly strengthened. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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