SF-N(SLCR-Selective Liquid Catalyst Reduction)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910E14] This is fine dust (PM2.5) & nitrogen oxide (De-NOx) reducing solution used in power plant and industrial combustion boiler. This is clean safe colorless odorless liquid catalyst, and the cost is very low compared to existing De-NOx solutions like SCR.
As interest in the environment grows and regulations against air pollution are strengthened, demand for solutions that can reduce air contaminants including fine dust is

inevitably increasing. Such solutions are required not only in power plants, especially, but also in places using various combustion facilities including incineration plants.
Meanwhile, because not only solving environmental problems but also providing additional effects such as improving combustion efficiency, it is supplied to many customers on the occasion of requiring more energy for 5G, electric vehicles, and artificial intelligence.



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