STB Multimeter

The All-in-One Set-Top Box / OTT Box Tester
[INQ. NO. 2011E14] As well as measuring the Set-Top Boxes’(STB) output video, audio and network packets at the same time, STB Multimeter also controls STB to the desired test environment through automatic IR transmit and supply power control.
With the built-in powerful scripting tool, STB Multimeter can perform multiple tests simultaneously and can automate test case based BMT.
STB Multimeter can be adopted not only for STB UI/function testing, but also for monitoring IPTV service 24/7 or STB software/hardware QA.
STB Multimeter enables endless STB testing and IPTV service monitoring. An alarm message is sent to staff instantly when it detects service failure.
Testers do not require printed test case documents and Stopwatch anymore. STB Multimeter’s execution engine automatically controls the STB and analyzes it following the scripted test case.

STB Multimeter provides verified STB QoS and QoE measurement functions in one device, as well as automatic STB control functions.
STB Multimeter mainly consists of control and measurement features. In measurement, each audio/video output and network packets are collected and analyzed. And a feature controlling STB by IR and supplying power control is also provided.
For supporting 24/7 test/monitoring, STB Multimeter provides test scheduling and alarm notification functions as well.
SK Broadband and LGU+, Korea’s two leading IPTV service providers, are currently adopting the STB Multimeter for various purposes – from S/W BMT to 24/7 nationwide service monitoring.

Another customer, Abies, is also using STB Multimeter for government’s annual IPTV service quality evaluation.
STB Multimeter is ready to be shipped worldwide. It has accredited CE and RoHS, and its manufacturer NEXTLab has accredited ISO 9001:2015 as well.
Since 2012, NEXTLab has delivered image-processing and deep-learning based measurement solutions. its major business fields are smart testing, smart factory and automotive engineering. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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