Transparent OLED Display

[INQ. NO. 2112E13] KIOSK Korea Co., Ltd. presents a new display solution optimized to the current trends, based on Korea’s top technology and planning-capacity, applying marketing and design featuring display implementation and operation design in a display market that is shifting in various directions ‒ from digital signage, to experience-type media display with contents.
KIOSK KOREA’s 55TOLEDHI is an OLED display that realizes the most vivid colors that instantly catches people’s attention. The transparent display with the ultimate transmittance makes anything stand out to be shown with various types of content, so you can expect endless possibilities from TOLED, a fantastic advertising medium.

Transparent OLED Display

TOLED features transparent displays that can be used in various places such as stores, event halls, public place, exhibition halls, hotels or building interiors, restaurant, VIP rooms and so forth. TOLED makes any space more eye-catching and special.
With the daily creation of new content, based on the new types of media, and the new values that no one dreamed of before, KIOSK Korea Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to displaying solutions, is preparing for the future.

Transparent OLED Display

The representative director of KIOSK Korea Co., Ltd. explained, “The global display market is developing much faster than it used to, as the fourth industrial era is developing. Display should not just remain at simply transmitting images, but must rather offer people an opportunity to experience the contents. As the leader of the display signage segment in Korea, KIOSK Korea is committed to presenting display that expresses consulting, plans and themes that satisfy the customers’ needs, and to sparing no research or investment to become the leader of the global display market.”

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