Black Box – EyeCar Network

A Korean company EyeCar Network was bold enough to stand up to a difficult and somewhat impossible task: giving eyesight to a car, which will not only help analyze and find the cause of accidents but also expand a driver’s visibility for safer driving.

EyeCar Network has been quite successful, thanks to its customer-oriented management, challenging and innovative attitude along with continuous technology advancement. As a result, the manufacturer of black boxes for auto vehicles has been leading the digital visual industry in Korea. Main items are multi-channel black boxes for auto vehicles, external sub-cameras, and related accessories. Also EyeCar Network is making lots of efforts to find more overseas markets by taking on a series of international exhibition fairs.

The Observer series has three different categories such as 1 Channel Model, 2 Channel Model, and 4 Channel Model. For 1 Channel Model, M1 is a compact black box system with 1.5 million pixels and is equipped with an embedded GPS module, Impact Detection sensor, Voice Guide and Voice Recording, etc. M1 also supports up to 32GB memory. R2 is a very tiny digital driving recorder with a 360 degree rotatable cradle, Smart Event Recording with an embedded 3 Axis G-Sensor, and an external GPS.

2 Channel Model has B1 and KASHOMA. Availing 1.3 million pixels, B1 can be well recognized with its simple and refined design, and it comes with a dual camera. The other features are embedded G-Sensor, Audio and Video recording, Voice Guide, etc. KASHOMA is elegantly standing out with its slim design and black color. Besides 2-channel camera for front and rear view, high-performing GPS, and adjustable G-Sensor, KASHOMA supports the screen resolution of 1280×720 and Auto Parking function that records any detectable event when a car is parked. You can find more information at

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