Deep Learning Machine Vision Solutions is a leading provider of deep learning machine vision solutions. SUALAB, home of excellent engineers from deep learning and machine vision fields, combines the technologies of those industries to develop products that provide more convenience to people’s daily lives.
In particular, SUALAB enables fast and accurate machine vision inspection by using deep learning algorithms and image analysis technologies.
This solution, ‘SuaKIT’, is applicable in various manufacturing industries such as electronics (display, PCB, semiconductors, batteries, etc.), automotives, and others where existing machine vision technology is not easily implemented.


Deep-learning S/W Library for Machine Vision ‘SuaKIT’

SuaKIT accurately detects position, area, and shape of the defects in the unit of pixels. It classifies multiple images in line with predetermined classes. This solution detects, and classifies various types of objects in a single image in a box form.
The company’s president explained, “In line with 4th industrial revolution era, the demand for factory automation solutions in the near future is expected to increase, and so we decided to pioneer a new market for us where big strides so far had not been made through existing technologies –by utilizing our differentiated technologies.”
SUALAB has successfully commercialized solutions for various kinds of manufacturers including Samsung, POSCO, Kolon, Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation, etc. – based upon its own differentiated AI technologies. SUALAB was selected as a global top-8 start-up in Asia’s only machine vision area in 2016 by the AIA, the largest global machine vision association, in recognition of such performance.
SUALAB was also awarded the grand prize in the machine vision section at the ‘2018 Industry Awards Korea,’ where the company was recognized for creating new value by developing technology related to the manufacturing industry. And early this year, SUALAB participated in a global business meeting where global business issues were dealt with between a BMW official and nine domestic start-ups hoping to advance into overseas markets in both vehicle (AI, sensors, and autonomous driving, etc.) and convergence areas (braille skills, new materials, manufacturing process).

A spokesperson for the company raised expectations by saying “Cooperation with a multinational company offers an invaluable opportunity for start-ups to scale-up, so through this we will aggressively proceed with investment inducement, pioneering overseas sales opportunities.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods