LCD Cassette

LCD Cassette - Sang-a FrontecSang-a Frontec specializes in secondary batteries and equipment and components for LCDs, office automation systems, and semiconductors. The company’s core business is engineered plastics and fluoride polymers, which are used to manufacture a wide range of components and materials for products as well as production equipment. The company’s major products include LCD
cassettes, cap assemblies, and transfer belts.

Sang-a Frontec’s main product is the LCD cassette, a mechanism for transporting LCD glass during the manufacturing process. LCD cassettes are used to load, store and transport cell glass used for TFT-LCD production. LCD cassettes are manufactured using plastic components made from extruded plastic and parts such as CFRP, AL and SUS. LCD cassettes can be used for a wide variety of applications for the entire FPD industry.

Sang-a Frontec exports its products to display panel manufacturers in China and Taiwan, and plans to create an overseas sales office in 2013 to strengthen its export marketing activities. Sang-a Frontec is the world’s largest supplier of LCD cassette systems in the world with a market share of over 90% of the world’s LCD panel manufacturers. This market dominance is further augmented by the recent establishment of a dedicated production line for LCD cassette systems. Sang-a Frontec is the exclusive supplier to leading LCD panel companies including LG Display, BOE and INNOLUX.



• Sang-a Frontec Co., Ltd.

7B-4L, 614-4, Namchon-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea
Tel: (82-32)451-7781

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