Digital Breathalyzer



[INQ. NO. 1302E01] Since it started business in 2002, DA Tech has been at the forefront of digital breathalyzers (alcohol tester) both for personal and professional use.

With accumulated experience, expertise and cutting-edge technology, DA Tech is committed to becoming a global leader in the breathalyzer business. The company’s first priority in management has been to ensure the safety of those who use its products and solutions. For more than a decade, DA Tech has been a leading manufacturer of quality products. DA Tech’s various models of digital breathalyzers are marketed under the brand name of “ALCOSCENT.”

The company’s relatively latest digital breathalyzer model of DA-7100 is for a personal & professional use alcohol tester with extremely high reliability. It can be used in hospitals, schools and many other segments. It also features a self-diagnostic function for the sensor that lets the user know the right timing for
recalibration. It estimates B.A.C (Blood Alcohol Content) in human breath by means of a fuel cell sensor which is highly durable and provides accurate breath alcohol test results.

Another flagship alcohol tester DA-9000 is the most advanced professional alcohol tester with extremely highreliability. It can be used by police, trucking companies, hospitals, schools, and many other sectors. It measures B.A.C (Blood Alcohol Content) in human breath by means of a fuel cell sensor comprising highly durable sensors, thereby providing accurate breath alcohol test results.

The key feature of the model is available in test data management and user settings with users’ PCs. It also provides 250 test result memory and instant wireless printout via IR port with optional portable printer, allowing the user to experience the state-of- the-art fuel cell sensor technology.





After receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, the Korean manufacturer has started speeding up its efforts for expanding the global presence of its range of digital breathalyzers through exporting to 25 nations, including North America, Europe, Japan, etc. based upon the solid recognition it has gained in the Korean market.

With average annual exports amounting to US $4million, the company is mostly focusing on its export drive in North America and North America.



• DA Tech Co., Ltd.
391-17, Cheongchoen-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea
Tel:(82-32) 868-0844
Fax:(82-32) 868-0846

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