23rd Korean International Broadcast, Audio&Lighting Equipment Show


The 23rd Korean International Broadcast, Audio&Lighting Equipment Show has been co-hosted by Korea E&EX and the
Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association (KOBETA) since 1991 for the improvement of the technology and culture of the domestic broadcasting and the development of the nation’s video, sound, and lighting industry. KOBA2013 will be held with a total scale of 25,405sqm. For the Show, an unprecedented 830 companies from 35 countries including 170 domestic enterprises will present the promising future of the industry of the next-generation broadcasting service, video, sound, and lighting. During this period, in particular, the Show will enable visitors to take advantage of invaluable opportunities to obtain broadcasting and acoustic-related professional information through the various KOBETA-organized “International Broadcasting Technology Conferences”, etc. For attendees, various types of concurrent events including “8th Dynamic Blaster(acoustic demonstration), etc. are also available. The Exhibition will not only allow end-users attended to access practical technical information regarding equipment of broadcasting, video, acoustic, and lighting across the globe, but also help exhibitors to accomplish their business aims including enhancing their company images. Given that the global trend of “Convergence” contributes to creating of dynamic markets through the technology innovation beyond boundaries among technology, service, and business and the creative consumers’ participation, the upcoming Show will ensure that participants grasp the overall trend of the new-generation industry of broadcasting, video, acoustic, and lighting, all of which play a pivotal role in the development of the culture industry, and thus consequently it will allow them to be armed with competitiveness and visions – to cope with the sharply changing trends in the sectors.



• Korea E & EX Inc. (KOBA 2013 Secretariat)
Rm. 2001, KWTC, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-729 Korea
Tel: (82-2)551-0102 Fax: (82-2)881-0103
E-mail : ashley@eandex.co.kr / koba@kobashow.com

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