Digital Color Viewers

Digital Color Viewers [INQ. NO. 1310E02] AVIS has been developing image solution of LED color viewers, security cameras and vision solutions. AVIS’s essence of technology, capability and service is chemically well-applied to such flagship items.
This company successfully managed to develop and upgrade such solution with a vision of aggressively leading the fiercely competitive environment of those areas outperforming the competition of the markets.
AVIS LED Color Viewer series offer the standard illumination for camera images and lens inspection. Unlike the existing illumination, it can display various color temperatures, color and brightness with built-in high brightness white LED.
The representation of color coordination depending on the color temperature wanted is available. Also, the supported digital control of constant current originally blocks the occurrence of flicker and its high uniformity of illumination allows easy shading test without a chart.

Digital Color ViewersIn addition, the provided AVIS PC controller software on the PC can control of the fan’s operational status depending on color temperature, colorbrightness, etc., and even allows the users to fix the certain status that they desire based on the previously stored data.

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