Plug-in Type Low-tension Panel Board

Plug-in Type Low-tension Panel Board[INQ. NO.1310E06] Ilsung ENG’s primary plug-in type low-tension panel board uses drawn MCCB (molded case circuit breaker) units that eliminate the need for primary and secondary cable connection. The panel is designed to remove any possibility of contact or accident with internal components. The compact panel (400-600mm in width) considerably reduces installation footprint while up to 26 MCCBs can be installed.
In addition, installation and removal of MCCBs can be performed quickly and effortlessly without the need for special tools. The modular design is easy to operation and maintain, even while power is still being transmitted by the unit. Standardized ultra high-tension sections (ASS, LBS, power fuse, MOF, PT, CT, and VCB) are placed inside a sealed (SF6 gas insulated) container for a smaller form factor.
The low-tension panel section is composed of MCCB units that can be installed or removed even while power transmission is taking place within the panel.
The smaller footprint, ease of use and maintenance, and safety makes the plug-in type panel board ideal for use in schools, tunnels, residential and commercial buildings, apartments, factories, and construction sites.
Founded in 1988, Ilsung ENG has spent the past two decades focusing on power distribution, circuit protection and panel board equipment. Strenuous research has allowed the company to develop a new 25.8kV gas insulated assembly for outdoor installation as well as a high-efficiency gas insulated integrated panel board.

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