High Polished Piano

pianohttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1310E13] Dynatone was the first manufacturer to release electric musical instruments in Korea. Since 1987, this company’s ceaseless efforts for developing and producing even better products with modern, sophisticated designs in this field have continued.

The products of Dynatone are popular as they basically satisfy international standards for safety, including the CE of Europe, the UL of North America, and the ROHS. With the proved quality of such products in global markets, this company has gained global recognition steadily.

Since 1998, it has exported its products to over 30 countries around the world witnessing its exports growing at a rate upwards of 20% each year.

The current flagship piano series of this company is 5GP-500. The SGP-500’s cabinet is produced at an acoustic piano factory by skilled workers exactly the same as acoustic piano cabinets. The SGP-500’s rim is the same as the acoustic grand piano’s and the rim cover is made of solid wood for better sound and appearance.

Measurement of the SGP-500 is over 40% smaller and the weight is lighter by about 60% compared to the regular digital grand piano. Dynatone’s acclaimed sound imaging technology is used to create a stereo acoustic grand piano sound of remarkable depth, expression and realism. High-grade speakers and cabinetry deliver a truly dynamic sound, rich with presence and power.

piano_2Dynatone’s new ARHA (Advanced Real Hammer Action) keyboard brings the feel of an acoustic grand piano to the SGP-500. Its weighted hammer action design offers superb response and smooth feel that will satisfy the most demanding performer. This product’s keyboard can be divided into two separate sections, allowing two people to play in the same octave on one piano. This piano is equipped with a real time recorder, and is able to store a song or performance. It can fully record all notes as they are played. The layer function allows you to select and play two different voices simultaneously in a layer making it easier to create exceptionally rich and thick tonal textures. And the volume balance can be set for the two voices.

The split function allow you to select and play two different voices with your left and right hands. Moreover, the built-in USB connector can make it possible to enjoy MIDI without any other extra MIDI device. As a leader of electric instruments with 27years of history behind it, Dynatone continues to set new standards for acoustics and musical instruments around the world. In addition to the premium instruments for professional musicians, this company continues to provide top-quality percussion instruments, strings, woodwinds, and brasses.

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