LCD Tablet Monitor

LCD Tablet Monitor[INQ. NO. 1312E09] AHA Information &
Communication’s LCD tablet monitor is an innovative education tool that allows students to write directly on the tablet while utilizing a variety of audio, visual and interactive materials.

The tablet monitor includes an extensive list of features. Any writing done on the tablet with a stylus is displayed directly on the classroom’s main screen via an LCD projector. Lectures are recorded automatically into video files (.wmv format) for students to access via the Internet anywhere, any time.

The system is capable of handling any document and picture file format including PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Hangeul. Advanced writing recognition support enables the user to write fluidly and smoothly. The LCD tablet uses a high-resolution panel and a peninput device that allows the user to use the tablet as both a display device as well as an input device. Fourth-generator digital technology, a USB interface and plug & play capability allow for greater expansion and the use of various peripherals. The screen uses a power-saving monitor (less than 35W of power consumption) and is flicker-free. Maximum resolution is 1680×1050, and both Windows and iOS are supported.

Founded in 1995, AHA Information & Communication offers innovative digital equipment for both education and commercial applications, including electronic whiteboards and podiums, LCD tablet monitors and digital information displays.

Company president Koo Gi-do said, “We are currently exporting to more than 32 nations as of late May, and set an export goal for this year of reaching US$ 25mil., which is equivalent to the increased export-scale (80~90%) from last year. The company has recorded remarkable exports exceeding US$ 10mil. last year, following US$3.5mil. in 2010, and US$2.6 mil. in 2009. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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