Standalone Access and Attendance Management Terminal

Management Terminal[INQ. NO. 1404E05] Spun off from Smatech I&C in 2012, Seoul-based Neosecu has become one of the highestlevel security solution companies in Korea through supplying various securityrelated solutions and hardware products – by using its own differentiated face recognition technology.

Based upon its own latest face recognition algorism, Neosecu’s security solutions are varied from access control and attendance management systems to real-time surveillance systems using video for general firms, factories, research institutes, etc.

The venture’s OpenFace NS200 is a stand-alone access control and attendance management terminal that is formed after integrationof the technology of highperformance face recognition and the function of access control and attendance management.

This terminal adopts IR camera and minimizes the impact of illumination. It provides single and multiple authentication methods by adopting face recognition, RFID, and password. The users can be authenticated even within one second. The system can save the authentication image of the registered or even an image of the nonregistered.

With supported management program, the product provides differentiated access control and attendance management functions such as door opening, real-time logo confirmation. In addition to these, this highly competitive item features increased convenience for managers through the adoption of a touch screen-based intuitive GUI(Graphical User Interface).

Management Termina2lThis advanced product is now used for access control at national facilities including airports, power plants, research institutes, etc., access control and attendance management of offices, factories, and construction sites. And the product is also preferred for an area where the authentication procedure of the users is highly necessary and the records of the face images of the users are strongly required.






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