Super bright on-camera monitor

[INQ. NO. 1406E13] BON Electronics specializes in developing and manufacturing high quality broadcast and multimedia products based on superior R&D and manufacturing technology.

1406E013_1 At this time when HD Technology has dominated multimedia and professional video markets, BON has been concentrating on developing and manufacturing broadcast monitors, field monitors and other multimedia products.

BON Electronics’ super bright field monitor FM-072SCH is an 1100 cd/m2 super bright on-camera monitor which is greatly viewable in any angle. It comes with new features such as auto luminance
control, H/V level meter, and auto color adjustment on temperature change. Also, an extra external display can be connected via an HDMI-to-SDI converter.

1406E013_2 BW-100ST and BW-100SR are HDMI&HD-SDI wireless transmitter and receiver using H.264 Codec. They can be used in various film/studio
production industries. Such noticeable points as up to 50Mbps encoding bit rate, very low latency(20ms), real time-based transmitter selection, bi-directional data link at 11Kbps, low power consumption(10W), automatic encoding rate adjustment for RF condition, etc., are available. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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