Fingerprint embedded module

Established in 2000, Suprema has been a leading global provider of technologies in biometrics and ID solutions. Currently, Suprema has a worldwide sales network in over 125 countries and is also a listed company on the Korean stock exchange. Suprema deals with business in biometrics with a wide range of products including biometric access control systems, time & attendance, fingerprint embedded modules, epassport readers and live-scanners.

Fingerprint-embedded-module Suprema’s latest fingerprint embedded module ‘SFM 5020-OP’ is the world’s leading fingerprint authentication algorithm and is ranked No. 1 in multiple international awards including FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition). The product series features powerful 533MHz DSP which optimized for performance while minimizing power consumption.

The remaining key features include improved enrollment & identification speed, highly configurable I/O signals, fast power-on time, and fingerprint data encryption. There are now three major countries as gateways for exports – India for South Asia, the USA for North America, and Germany for Europe.

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