Handheld Blender

[INQ. NO. 1409M06] ACE Electronics’ multifunctional handheld blender is ideal for preparing healthful food. It is professionally engineered to deliver reliable and stable performance. It is easy to use, assemble, disassemble and clean.

The product’s aspect of multifunctional and convenient usage is handy and lightweight / versatile, with several accessories. Designed with emphasis on space saving, it is easy to use and clean. This has low noise and water resistance structure (IP-x5).

Handheld-Blenderhttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry With its unique elegant exterior, it also boasts innovative
design. As safe protection features, the thermal sensor inside the mixer makes it stop automatically when the temperature reaches a set level. With full consideration of safe material and housing, all material parts are rust-proof, tasteless and resistant to corrosive foodstuffs. The product composition includes a handheld blender / processor / cassette / four kinds of blades (mincer, whisker, beater, meat-mincer) / user’s manual / recipe book.

The aim of ACE Electronics is to dedicate its humanism corporate values to environmentally friendly and digitalized products for customers. ACE has consisted of vacuum cleaner specializer taking on both superior hardware engineers and investing in the R&D field just after establishment.

A variety of certifications such as VDE, UL, CE, GOST and KC for overseas & domestic market have been acquired through product development and overseas marketing.

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