Laser methane leak detector

[Serial No. 2013-B-024]

As a technologically innovative company, Sundoo Electronics, which begun its business in 1997, has various areas of technologies related to gas and electric safety instruments.

Sundoo Electronics’ current most flagship gas safety instrument is laser methane leak detector. The latest FDL-7 model now plays a big role in carrying out check-up the gas leakage in such potential areas as gas piping, hydrostatic room, gas supply facilities, apartments, etc., so that it prevents the occurrence of casualties and suppress the economic loss following.

Laser-methane-leak-detector Especially, the detector can remotely detect the leakage (up to 30M) on an accurate basis, by using remote laser. Constantly facilitated by aggressive R&D, it has shown steady success in releasing numerous kinds of competitive products and supplied them not only to the local market, but also to foreign markets as well.

Sundoo Electronics exports its independently developed related products including vehicle-mounted and portable gas detection instruments to some potential abroad markets. Including the CIS region, Sundoo Electronics is gradually raising its market presence based on solid reliability.

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